If you’ve ever had a nightmare after staying up all night long watching horror movies, then chances are you’ve probably seen the art work artist Aaron Crawford

Aaron will have a booth in the artist market at STUDIOFEST this Saturday, but he is already  a familiar face around Studioplex.

"I’ve been working with ABV a lot recently, I met Greg, the owner and he got me involved there with the Fear and Loathing show. And I’ve been involved with Drink and Doodle and some other projects there ever since. And when I saw that Studiofest was getting put together and decided to try and get involved,” Aaron says.

Aaron’s work adorned all the promotional material for the Fear and Loathing show, you might recognize his signature drippy, grimey, gooey, and fluid style.

"I love watercolor, I grew up messing around with it because my mom was an artist too," he says.

In addition to his work, Aaron will have t-shirts for sale from his clothing company called Cavity Colors. His signature style looks just as good on paper as it does on a t-shirt.

Aaron is also involved with a project called Color Ink Book. “This is basically a coloring book for adults that features the work of tons of low-brow artists like myself including a lot of people I look up too,” Aaron says.

Check out his booth on Sat. June 30, at 659 Auburn Ave. NE from 1-8 p.m. at STUDIOFEST.

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